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 Know more about me...

(The page has been created for this purpose.)

 First of all, my full name is Kaushik Majumdar and am living in Assam, India.

There was no well-known reason for creation of this site, but who knows. One day, it may be very successful in its purpose.

Let me start with introducing me and my family, so that there would be no doubt that you have picked the wrong person.

I read in Debendra Green Grove English High School and my father is Dipankar Majumdar, my mother is Tripti Majumdar. This information excluding my parents' name is valid for the year 2013. I earlier read in school Pole Star Academy from KG-I to Standard I and that before in Evergreen School starting and ending in Nursery. My aim is to be a Computer software Engineer in the future. That is why I am starting it right now in my computer, already started operating QBASIC, C++ and Java's basic application programming and firewall designing, and want more programming languages to be known to me. Crafting and fine arts really inspire me and are my favorite hobbies in times of recreation. I am already bidden in a course of it and want to complete it, coming out as a bright result in the future.